Bartosz Majsak

Bartosz Majsak writes code for fun and to help others while being Senior Software Engineer in Red Hat. As a long time open source contributor and conference speaker he shares his passion about programming and testing methodologies. In Red Hat he is mainly focused on creating testing tools which bring a breath of fresh air for developers, leading Arquillian testing platform among the others. One thing that perhaps proves he is not a total geek is his addiction to alpine skiing. Once a serious Go player (not Pokemon!) he can only think about one thing that perhaps proves he is not a total geek - his addiction to alpine skiing.  He is also very excited to be back at JDD after 5 years!


In English Meet the assertable Chaos Monkeys

The production system has been targeted by troublesome random failures over a long period of time, and countless hours of debugging has yielded no valuable results. We're close to throwing in the towel. An army of Chaos Monkeys has been deployed in an attempt to force the issue, but no solution is in sight. We need to take back control. It's time to meet the assertable Chaos Monkey, Arquillian Cube Q. Arquilian Cube Q is an extension that gives you full control over a production-like system right from the comfort of your IDE. In this session, we'll explore some of the things you can do when you have control over the whole system. We'll validate scalability and connectivity, assert the failure state, enforce service responses, and more. Expected unexpected!


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