Daniel Lebrero

Daniel Lebrero works as a technical architect at IG on the Big Data team. With more than 15 years of Java experience and 4 of Clojure, he is now a big advocate of the functional approach.


In English REPL driven development

Drinking too much coffee while maven builds and deploys your service? Jealous of how your FrontEnd mate just press F5 to "deploy" his/her changes? Mastered the red-green-refactor workflow and want to know what is the next step? Our Lisp grandfathers knew how invaluable was the immediate feedback that a Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL) allowed during development and now Java 9 will have one. Perhaps you have read that a REPL is useful for "playing around" or for "small code snippets", but this is far from true. In this presentation, you will learn how with a REPL you can have a better and more productive developer workflow by building a Tomcat service, one bit at a time, without having to build, compile, package or deploy it. Demo will be done with a Clojure REPL but no previous experience with Clojure is needed.


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