Michał Kordas

I'm a quality maniac with passion for Java, Groovy, JVM and fancy tools that automatically enforce quality and help test code in smart, fluentand expressive ways. I love bringing feedback loops to the micro-leveland my main area of interest is agile testing. Currently I am working as a fully cross-functional member of strongly agile team as a "quality guy" with particular focus on well-written code, solid requirementsand efficient processes. Unlike the majority of QAs, I believe that being a truly good QA means being software developer who has all the knowledge needed to deliver production-quality code – with some additional quality-related skills.


In English Blazing Fast Feedback Loops in the Java Universe

We all know that fast feedback loops make a real difference and that they are the most important part of agile development in general. This is why I want to take you on a tour of a variety of ways to increase quality and optimize feedback loops that I’ve encountered in the JVM-based projects that I’ve worked on so far.

I'll be presenting collection of approaches and tools that are particularly helpful in building feedback culture. I won't be talking about TDD, BDDor DDD too much  insteadyou'll learn about some concrete things that can be applied straight away in your projects to make feedback dramatically faster. If you want to learn about some interesting DevOps practices and features of Java, Groovy, Spock, GitHub, Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, IntelliJ IDEAor common static analysis tools that can save everyone's time, this talk is for you.


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