Michał Gruca

Seasoned Java developer, Team Leader and Solution Architect. In human language I’m: writing and reviewing code, saving world with vim via ssh around Saturday midnight, deciding about technology used in the project and filling a communication gap between client and developers.

After over year-long adventure with Java, still passionate about the platform, even after having romance with Excel and Outlook. Pragmatist at heart and propagator of Agile approach to building software. Tricity JUG leader, conference speaker and blogger (recently on holidays).


In English Continuous improvement, developing yourself and others

Have you ever wondered why your manager pushes you to those nasty communication trainings? Why your colleagues do not understand those simple concepts that you churn through. And even worse, they complain to your boss about you! On the other hand, why that smart developer sits alone in a corner, does not share, do not PP, and hides his commits, while you could learn all from him. Why there is no “I” in a “team” word, and what is up with those teams at all, where the heck disappeared the concept of coding alone in your basement around midnight!

Lot of material, so we'll touch on each topic of : learning, working together, motivating ourselves and what are the differences between us and tools to visualize them


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