Oleksandr Goldobin

Software engineer, technical lead. Developing software solutions for 10 years not only in Java but also in Scala and JavaScript. Currently involved in development of base platform components at Oberthur Technologies R&D Poland.


In English Practical non-blocking microservices in Java 8

We will show how to write application in Java 8 that do not waste resources and which can maximize effective utilization of CPU/RAM. There will be presented comparison of blocking and non-blocking approach for I/O and application services. Based on microservices implementing simple business logic in security/cryptography/payments domain, we will demonstrate following aspects: * NIO at all edges of application * popular libraries that support NIO * single instance scalability * performance metrics (incl. throughput and latency) * resources utilization * code readability with CompletableFuture * application maintenance and debugging All above based on our experiences gathered during development of software platforms at Oberthur Technologies R&D Poland.


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