Arkadiusz Głowacki

Passionate about optimizing everything that's around him, interested in a variety of back-end technologies. Big fan of clean code and everything which helps programmer to faster deliver products with better quality. Currently building cloud ecosystem for Atlassian JIRA.


In English Demystifying G1GC

New computers have more and more available memory which for us, programmers means we can use more memory in our applications. 
However in JAVA (actually all JVM based languages) at some certain point things may get tricky, especially when we expect from our applications to be responsive all the time. This talk will focus on Garbage First collector (the new default in JDK9) which is the newest algorithm available in HotSpot JVM (not so new though) and the only one which can handle 32+GB heap size without blocking your application threads for longer than 200ms. After this talk you will have overview how G1 works, how to read the log, spot common problems and which gc settings you should avoid.


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