Tomasz Gągor

A DevOps with a decade of experience as former web applications programmer and system administrator. Although system oriented still finds a lot of pleasure in programming. Loves automation and enjoys creating systems and apps that solve problems and make work/life easier. Strives to deliver tailor-made / optimal solutions for ever-changing business needs.


In English “A needle in a logstack” – analyzing data from mobile users around the globe to verify a successful deployment and swift problem recognition.

Case study on how a well thought through log analysis that enable mobile developers to get e clearer picture of how their mobile app performs across a spectrum of devices. And how the information contained in logs when presented in a Human readable manner can have a tremendous impact on problem trouble shooting, deployments, and provide valuable business feedback. How to see the mobile end of an e-publishing platform. Currently a signify cant number of systems and apps need to work in distributed meaner. For back-end this means a cluster of servers, multiple availability zones or regions. For mobile a an astonishing number of mobile devices, with different and constantly changing characteristics Tests and code analysis do no always provide the an answer on how the users/devices work with the app created. we need to get true data from “the wild”. Event collecting/analyzing systems allow us to gather the data, filter it, transform it and swiftly act upon. Enter the world of event collecting, processing, visualizing and integrating it into an ecosystem. Discover it with more ease learning form our successes as well as mistakes.


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