Tomasz Ducin

Tomek is an advocate of modern JavaScript solutions. Experienced in both frontend and backend, he's keen on designing interfaces and APIs for long-living enterprise systems. Tomek aims to provide a truly scalable architecture, solving both technical and organisational issues. He considers software development as a challenge of creating small and maintainable pieces of code that provide big business profit. TDD, CI, agile are also among his interests. Tomek takes part in international projects from financial and data analysis sectors, currently working in Cybercom Poland as Senior Software Consultant. Tomek regularly speaks at conferences in meetups and does workshops on JavaScript and JS-related related technologies.


In English Backend-less Development revisited

"It's obvious that SPA interfaces rely on RESTful APIs". But does it have to be like this always? Tight-coupling between interfaces and APIs result in great development issues. Frequent backend unavailability, complicated compilation process, long deploy time, development team communication issues - if any of these apply to your project, you should take a look at Backend-less development. It's an emerging approach of using JavaScript to decouple frontend and backend, enabling them to be developed independently. The costs and the benefits of mocking the entire API. The three possible architectural approaches in doing so. Mock engine examples in Angular.js and sinon.js. Simulating business logic in mocks using plain JavaScript and JSONs. Using JSON Schema do generate massive amounts of mock data on the fly. The technical and business aspects of separating frontend and backend - these are the topics I will cover. Mock your API and make your frontend truly independent!


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