Adam Dubiel

Developer, team leader & product owner. Successful deployment and satisfied customers is what he finds the most rewarding in his line of work. Loves programming for the power to create usable software out of nothing and seeing the effects immediately. He values working code and hard numbers over declarations and promises. At Allegro he leads team responsible for internal technical services.


In English What is your application doing when you are not around?

What is the 99th percentile of your app response time? How much time it takes to save data to a database? How not to get caught off-guard by service failure?

The answers are simple as long as you have metrics. Metrics are the best source of information about your application inner workings, updated near real-time. Knowing what to measure and how to present metrics gives you the reassuring “my app is fine” feeling in times of peace and enables you to quickly identify the problem when things go south.

What should you measure, which tools to use and what are the caveats? How to store and display metrics? I will present the answers during my talk. Just a bit of theory and a lot of working code and examples, so you will know what your application is up to at any point of day or night.


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