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I’m a software engineer in a stable, long-term relationship with Java platform, which does not prevent me from checking out this hot new language’s lambdas or taking extended look at it’s type system. Now in Base (www.lab.getbase.com) I enjoy exploring practical, modern approach to distributed systems design and implementation, supplementing with solid dose of CS theory whenever I please. I prefer to stay in the shade of the backend and not to venture out into the flashy world of UI.  
To me, IntelliJ is one of the greatest achievements of mankind, somewhere between fire and antibiotics.


In English Distributed system fault injection testing with Docker

Having more than a hundred loosely coupled microservices leads to a big challenge when it comes to resiliency testing. In a probabilistic system a failure is inevitable. With a help of Docker and the environment around we've built a framework which allowed us to test core components of Base for network issues, partitions, etc. Learn how you can build it and sleep well without system outages.


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