Tomasz Borek

Coder from Poland*. Hoping to learn something new every day.

Thankful to everybody who helps me while I hop along. Proud of: and

Co-leads: SCKRK, Polish JUG, Lambda Lounge Kraków.

I’m a flawed human, and unafraid to say so.

Into: people, software, music, role-playing, honesty, learning.
Dislikes: doing unnecessary things, doing “because I can”.

* I got it from me parents. They coded and so do I.

For my speaker credentials see Projects > Public speaking.


In English DB for next project? Why, Postgres, of course

While losing to Oracle in features, it's losing marginally. While not so long on the market, it's still second best. While not so funky and shiny like new NoSQL DBs, it's arguably most shiny of all relational DBs and it has a colourful history. So, let me tell you about Postgresql architecture and internals, walk you through query path and optimization, let me hint about no hinting and how and why, in another thread we'll talk about MVCC and vacuum and if there will be time for more, we'll have a round of questions.


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