Java 8 - what could possibly go wrong?

It’s late 2016, so you probably have been using Java 8 goodies for a while: lambdas, Stream, Optional, new date API ‒ stuff which makes Java development much more pleasant. But the question is: do you know these tools well? I bet you said yes, because writing sweet Java 8 code is piece of cake ‒ you’re using efficient, parallel streams and many lambdas, so what could possibly go wrong? Let me put this straight: most probably you’re doing something wrong. In this talk I won’t actually try to prove that you don’t know what you’re doing, on the contrary ‒ I’ll try to help you be a better programmer by pointing out few mistakes you can make when writing Java 8 code (I know that because I made them all). I’ll also discuss couple common misconceptions regarding Stream and Optional and mention missing language features (also if there is a chance to see them in Java 9 or what library should you use instead). Last but not least, I’ll present you a number of lesser-known gems I found in deepest corners of JDK API, which, I hope, will make your life as a software developer a little bit easier.

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