YOU can choose the JUGmajster

It’s your vote that can determine who’s the debut of the year! Choose the candidate that deserves the JUGmajster title the most.

What is there for you?

You can meet the future speakers at the very beginning of their career - people who will soon be generally appreciated and respected for their achievements! Watch them develop their skills and be a part of their success.

How can you vote?

It’s quick and simple! Use our clickers available in every conference room - green button for Yes, red - No. It only takes a few seconds to vote, and you can contribute to a great idea in the blink of an eye.

The JUGmajster title will be awarded during the Closing Ceremony.

Meet our candidates:

  • Dominika Puzio
  • Arek Głowacki
  • Arek Borek
  • Łukasz Sawicki
  • Paweł Kapała
  • Wiktor Sztajerowski
  • Paweł Byszewski
  • Maciej Schmidt
  • Marcin Stożek