How can you become a JUGmajster?

Reach out to your JUG leader! They can nominate the candidates that often appear on a local stage, but haven’t had the opportunity to speak in front of a nationwide audience yet. Of course you can also apply directly.

Why is it worth to do it?

When competing for the JUGmajster title, you have all the same rights as the rest of JDD speakers:

  • a recording of your presentation (video available online) - it’s very helpful if you want to begin a career as a speaker,

  • a slot in the schedule - there’s no need to send the Call For Papers application,

  • motivation and support from the Advisory Board; the Board members will also act as the mentors - they will help you improve your presentation and performing skills.

If your leader chose you, it means that you’re worth it. You have the best experts as a backup, making your first step to becoming a regular speaker.

The JUGmajster will be rewarded with a valuable prize and a Wild Card for the 4Developers schedule. And our unique jug trophy, of course!

See how it works!