SCHEDULE is set!

We’ve all been waiting for this day - the JDD schedule is available on our website! Browse it to pick the presentations that will suit you best!

You can choose from 54 talks by great speakers, among them:

  • Kuba Marchwicki: 6 tips for your JavaEE project to be less depressing,

  • Jarek Ratajski: DROP DATABASE - galactic parable,

  • Tomek Ducin: JavaScript + Java = TypeScript,

  • Wojtek Oczkowski (last year’s JUGmajster candidate!): Performance testing of code using JMH tool,

  • Sławek Sobótka: C4 - lightweight approach to architecture documentation,

  • Tomasz Skowroński: Hibernate since 2001. Is time for Cyberpunk 2020?

Apart from talks you can attend:

  • workshop with Joe W. Yoder,

  • workshop with Zbyszko Papierski,

  • live coding sessions (with Kuba Marchwicki and Jacek Kunicki) - bring your computers to code along.

The schedule is available on our website and in Eventory app. Check it out!

It’s time to register!