JDDream Team - show yourself and grab the tickets!

Having a great time at the office, solving problems together, sharing the same sense of humor and always looking for the lost coffee mugs?

Show us your JDDream Team!

Who are you working with? Where - at an office, in a house or maybe at the pool? Wherever you are, we’re sure you have plenty to share!

Send us the photo that reflects your personality the best and/or write a few lines about each team member - who’s the boss, who’s the babbler and who’s the grumpy cat!

We have prizes for the entire team - free entry to JDD 2016 and 4Developers 2017! And of course a 50% discount for the second place and 25% discount for the third place ;)

Check the photos of our team and feel encouraged to send us yours!

To send us your photo, use the form on our website.

Find your inspiration...

... and submit your photo!